Awazel Middle East is one of the leading manufacturers of waterproofing products in Egypt with perhaps one of the beast R&D facility in the country for the dedicated requirements of the waterproofing industry, this waterproofing technology is fully mechanized with advanced machineries that moves to work sites along with highly skilled technicians to bridge the technology gap and bring in the best possible technology and quality application.

Being an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company, We emphasize on quality management systems assuring quality service to our valuable customers, adopting the best of waterproofing technology available, We devote ourselves to adopt innovative ideas to solve the complex issues that the industry is facing now a days.

The systems we promote are widely been accepted by major contractors & consultants in Egypt based on it’s technical superiority and time saving factors, fully equipped to meet the most stringent standards, all systems and solutions offered by Awazel Middle East feature remarkably high application security, easy workability and moreover reliability, in all cases you can rely on the ease of use and excellent performance these solutions provide.

We are committed to supply and install quality waterproofing systems & moisture protection systems for buildings ensuring performance during stipulated guarantee period, we are equally committed to continuously improve the quality management system through innovative approach, planning & team work, So far we have successfully proved to our commitments.