Awazel Middle East company is always working to resolve customer problems in the field of waterproofing due to its considerable experience in the field as well as the ability to diagnose defects and mistakes and how to treat them properly

The main causes of most of the waterproofing failure in the following points:

* A lot of the overlaps and joints between traditional insulation sheets

* Traditional product is not full adherent to the surface, which makes it easier to move water under the insulation layer in the event of damage to the external

* In traditional insulation, waterproofing installation for drainage units is a difficult process as heating included, as well as the weakness of the adhesion of the material with units of exchange body.

* Terminations do not install properly which facilitates the entry of water from the area endings and move under the insulation layer

Based on previous point and our knowledge & Experience

Awazel Middle East Company offers Waterproofing systems by new technology works to solve all the problems and disadvantages in traditional Systems